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Handyman Services of all sorts


Do you have a honey-do list that’s a mile long? Are you simply too busy to get around to things like cleaning the gutters or replacing windows? Are you a business owner that doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg to update your storefront or office? Whatever fix you need in your home or business, call Top Quality Handyman—your local Lafayette handyman services. 

We offer quality handyman services at an affordable price, so you can check things off your to-do list without breaking your budget. Plus, more than 30 years of experience means we are well-equipped for any job. 

We offer a wide range of handyman services on a number of household categories, including:

● Dry wall

● Decks

● Electrical

● Flooring

● Framing

● Windows 

● Doors 

● Siding 

● Painting

There are plenty of sub-category areas of expertise within these categories as well. We have always been the type of people who know how to fix everything, and we’ve made careers out of that ability. From minor plumbing repair, to electrical installation, to furniture assembly, we’re the top handyman services for the every job. 

Our wide range of skills means that we can serve as a one-stop-shop for almost all of your improvement needs, and our commitment to remaining the most affordable handyman services in the area means that our prices are always fair. 

Handyman Services Fence Project near Lafayette Indiana

Handyman Services Fence Project near Lafayette Indiana

Affordable Handyman Services


One of the biggest reasons that many people allow caring for their home to fall by the wayside is a money shortage. The same can be said for many businesses. Times are tight for most, and it’s difficult to find the funds to dedicate to services that aren’t critical, especially when they’re completed by those professionals who are willing to overcharge. 

We want our customers to have the opportunity to live in the best possible version of their homes and businesses, and that’s why we take care to ensure that we remain your affordable handyman services. Greed does not direct us, and we will never charge more than our handyman services are worth.

We’re committed to doing a project right the first time, so we can provide the best Lafayette handyman experience for our customers at the fairest possible price. Our commitment to quality means that our work will stand the test of time, further saving customers money when they don’t need to have repairs done again. 

From major repairs and overhauls to minor aesthetic fixes and services, our prices are a bargain no matter the sort of property maintenance assistance we are providing. For quality handyman services at a reasonable price, we are the best local handyman for the job. 

Handyman Services Deck Restore

Handyman Services Deck Restore

Best Handyman Services for Every Job


We have spent our careers fostering the natural ability to fix almost anything. We know that skill means very little if it isn’t supplemented with a willingness to learn, and that’s why we have dedicated significant time and effort to understanding the more technical aspects of the services that we offer. 

From woodworking to electrical installation, we have worked to gain in-depth insight into skills in all of the areas that are necessary to provide comprehensive handyman services. When we say we have affordable handyman services for every job, we mean it—we don’t offer handyman services that we aren’t entirely comfortable performing. 

Our priority is only to provide customers with the highest possible level of service, whatever that service may be on an individual basis. We don’t waste time trying to compare ourselves with other service providers in the area, we are confident that we offer the best Lafayette handyman services at the most affordable price.


Not only are we committed to completing repairs with a high degree of effectiveness, we’re also always on the lookout for possible future problems so we can prevent them rather than waiting until our customers are stuck with a costly repair later on. 

Top Handyman Services that provides Roof Installation and repairs.

Top Handyman Services that provides Roof Installation and repairs.

Handy Man with Record of Success


Our affordable handyman services are not a new development; we’re a family-owned and operated business and have been working in the industry for more than 30 years. We treat customers with the same values we operate under within or family because our business is literally our family. 

This long-standing position in the industry means that we’re not just getting started and establishing our skills. There is no amount of uncertainty when we take on a new project. We have done property maintenance jobs many, many times, and have the technical expertise to do them correctly on the first try. 

We understand that it can be nerve-wracking to trust someone with taking care of and respecting a home or business while they are completing improvements or repairs, but with a proven track record of success, customers should have no misgivings about the level of care that lafayette handyman services can provide while completing the project. 

Our long-term experience is exactly what allows us to work with such confidence that customers will be satisfied with our performance on the first try. The secret behind the top-notch handyman services we provide is no secret at all, it is simply due to our experience and commitment to upholding quality. 

Lafayette Handyman Services Window Replacement

Lafayette Handyman Services Window Replacement

Local Handyman Services


Lots of people prefer to work with locally-owned businesses, and it’s not hard to see why. Locals are better prepared to assist each other than someone who is unfamiliar with the area coming in blind. 

We understand the needs of people in the Lafayette community because we are members of the community. We treat our customers the way that we would hope to be treated by local service providers. Lafayette Handyman Services is family-owned and operated by the same sort of local professionals; we treat our customers like our neighbors because, in a very real sense, they are our neighbors. 

Local idiosyncrasies change from area to area. We are intimately familiar with the sorts of property maintenance issues that buildings in Lafayette are especially subject to because we’ve been dealing with them for our entire careers. For example, homes built in similar time periods and similar climates will share prospective issues. We know these trends and are prepared to deal with them through our entire range of affordable handyman services. 

Our hometown mentality means we genuinely care about our customers and the experience they receive with us. We do not go home at night and forget about our work; it is both a livelihood and a lifestyle. 

Basement Framing Done By Lafayette Handyman Services.

Basement Framing Done By Lafayette Handyman Services.

Professional Handyman Capabilities


Simply being skilled at repairs does not make someone a qualified Lafayette handyman. We, too, started out with that natural ability, but we understood that without further education on a number of specific skill sets we would not be providing the highest possible level of professional service. 

That’s why we took the time to mature our natural skills through further specific training pursuits. Now, we are able to complete nearly any repair or improvement with a high level of confidence. Rather than specializing in a single field, we pride ourselves on being able to offer affordable handyman services in a wide range of areas within the building improvement industry. 

We provide a high degree of professionalism within the realm of our work, along with the consideration of a friend in our interactions. The customer experience is always our focal point, so we do everything possible to treat our customers with fairness and respect while offering quality results. 

We understand that plenty of folks are born with minds for repair. Lots of people are good with their hands, but few take the steps to harness that talent in a meaningful way. We’ve done just that in order to become a professional handyman services. 

Sub-Floor replacement is just one of our Handyman Services.

Sub-Floor replacement is just one of our Handyman Services.

Commitment to Quality Handyman Services


We believe that the mark of a skilled Lafayette handyman is in the level of satisfaction they supply customers. For us, customer satisfaction is the only metric by which we measure our success, so we are constantly working to maintain the high quality of work for which we are known. 

This commitment to our customers shows in our work. We don’t complete jobs with only half of our maximum effort, or without double and triple checking the quality of the projects that we have completed. Even for simple, small jobs, we take the time to look over every detail so there’s no risk of our confidence turning into oversight. 

Our consistent attention to detail is especially important for large jobs requiring plumbing repairs or electrical installation. We understand that small mistakes on our part can translate to major headaches for our customers, which is why we are so careful to utilize our extensive know-how for every project. 

There is no variation in the level of service we provide. Every job we take on will receive an exceptional level of care and attention; no customer will find themselves dissatisfied once we are through providing affordable handyman services in West Lafayette or Lafayette IN. 

We Provide Top-Quality Handyman Services to our Decks and Workmanship.

We Provide Top-Quality Handyman Services to our Decks and Workmanship.

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