About your family handyman

Before and After Deck power wash and Re-stain.

 A family-owned and operated business, we have over 30 years of experience offering affordable handyman services to both business and individuals, and this experience shines through in the quality of the services that we provide. 

Our Top quality handyman services in Lafayette offers everything from drywall repair to installing new flooring, and we give every project the same level of attention and care, regardless of price or scope. 

Before and After Renovation of replacement windows.

Because our priority lies first and foremost with our customers’ satisfaction, Being a Family Handyman we refuse to overcharge for our services. Though we always complete projects with the highest quality of work, Lafayette Handyman Services never charge more than a fair price for them. 

We believe that a satisfied customer is more valuable than a slightly larger paycheck. Because of this mentality, customers can rest assured that the price we quote is a reasonable cost for their job. 

Privacy fence in the process of being built.

We genuinely listen to the concerns of our customers, and exert every possible effort to remedy them. We also stay diligent during jobs, making sure that no risk factors for future problems present themselves. 

Beyond that, we offer customers a consultation to ensure that we both understand the services they need.