Both new and seasoned home or business owners are likely to find themselves in need of drywall maintenance at some point in their lives.

Drywall is not an especially difficult thing to work with in theory, but in execution it presents a unique brand of difficulties, particularly for non-professionals. Though some DIYers are quite skilled with drywall, they will still have a more difficult time achieving a totally smooth, flat surface than a professional handyman would. 

There are a number of things that can go wrong with drywall. It can sustain damage due to impact (like small holes from door handles) or wear and tear over time (like cracking at the seams) that requires some level of repair. It can also need replaced entirely due to things like water damage and mold, from which there is simply no coming back for drywall. 

Top Quality Handyman Services is skilled and experienced in nearly any drywall service, including:

  •  Drywall Installation
  •  Drywall repair
  •  Drywall replacement
  •  Green Board Installation
  •  Drywall Mud
  •  Drywall Texture

Whether your concerns are structural or aesthetic, we have the repair knowledge and the careful touch to leave you thrilled with your updated drywall. That means that we can hang new completely drywall in a building, or just add some texture to infuse a little character into a certain room. 

We treat every project with the same amount of care and attention, whether it’s a large, expensive job or a small task that won’t take more than an afternoon, you can rest assured that your project has our full attention. 

Working with us means receiving a personalized Lafayette Handyman experience. After reaching out to us, we’ll schedule a consultation to hear your concerns about and goals for the project at hand, then we’ll take a look at the area to ensure that no other potential repair needs will present themselves in the future. 

Every step of the top quality handyman services we offer is marked by this personal attitude and professional results. With over 30 years of experience serving the Lafayette area, you can be certain that we’re familiar with all aspects of both providing a handyman services as well as the community. 

Whatever level of maintenance, repair, or installation you need on your drywall, Top Quality Handyman services is your local handyman here to help. To get started with a consultation for your drywall project, get in touch with us today! We service Lafayette and West Lafayette.

Finishing drywall in the master bedroom.

Finishing drywall in the master bedroom.