Whether we actively realize it or not, a building’s flooring tells us a lot about the character of the space. A home with outdated carpeting is bound to feel less intentional than one with a more modern choice. A business with damaged tile or laminate does not exude a high level of success. 

We understand the ways the flooring affects the overall look of a home or office, and we take the time to talk with our customers about their ideal vision then work hard to provide it. Even newer flooring can require a little bit of upkeep to maintain its appearance. 

Lafayette Handyman Services is proud to provide a variety of flooring services:

● Carpets

● Hardwood Flooring

● Laminate Flooring

● Vinyl Plank Flooring

● Tile Installation

● Flooring Repairs

● Flooring Removal

● Bathroom Floors

● Kitchen Floors

● Bedroom Flooring

● Baseboards

● Toe Kick

● And a lot More!

Whether your project is a minor repair or a major overhaul, you can bet we’ve dealt with it a time or two during our extensive experience providing handyman services. That wealth of experience means that we have the skills to complete your flooring project exactly as you want it the first time around without the need for further repair. 

In order to achieve a high level of service we hold ourselves to, the first step in any job with Top Quality Handyman Services is a consultation. During this consultation, we’re able to get a better feel for space and the specific work it will require. This allows us to ascertain whether any additional preventative work is necessary. 

What’s more, the consultation gives us a chance to discuss your aesthetic vision for the flooring project. Beyond simply talking about material, we can go over cost and some creative ways to keep the project price low. Even if you’re not exactly sure what sort of flooring is right for your preferred style and budget, we’ll be there to walk you through the planning process and arrive at a course of action. 

These sorts of projects are nothing new for us—we’ve been serving West Lafayette as a local handyman services for more than 30 years, so by now we’ve had a chance to work on just about every type of flooring project you can imagine. 

Whatever your vision, we’ll do everything in our power to bring it to life while adhering to your budget. To talk more about the ways we can help you take care of your flooring needs, contact us today! 

Finished hardwood flooring

Finished hardwood flooring