No building will stand for long without good bones; that’s why proper framing by Top Quality Handyman Services is such a necessity. The functional mechanics of a home or workspace are out of most people’s realm of expertise. That’s why we’ve taken the time to become well-versed in all sorts of framing services—so you don’t have to. 

A solid base is one of the most certain ways to ensure that a building stands the test of time and functions at maximum capacity. Lafayette Handyman understands the necessity of quality basement wall framing, and we strive to provide impeccable service in this arena.

Top Quality Handyman Services can assist with many different aspects of framing, like:

● Top Plates

● Sole Plates

● Headers

● Trimmers

● Stud

● King Stud

● Cripple Studs

● Bracing

There’s a lot more that goes into a framing project than just natural carpentry and construction skills. A trained professional will be familiar with the engineering of a project, and will, therefore, be qualified to perform it safely. Not only does a high level of training ensure safety during the job, but it also means that the work will stand the test of time.

Though we at Top Quality Handyman Services do possess those natural abilities, we have supplemented them with years of training and practice. This means we have the technical understanding, as well as the practical capabilities, to perform quality framing services in West Lafayette.

As a family-owned and operated business, we treat every project with a high level of care, attention, and respect. We don’t like wasting your time any more than we like wasting our own, so our goal is always to get the job done right on the first try. 

We take pride in the fact that we offer quality handyman services for a fair and honest price. We care about our customers’ experiences, and that means we don’t want to push a project budget past the necessary point. With us, there’s no added pressure or stress during any job.

Whatever aspect of a framing project you need our assistance with, you can trust that we have performed it before in our more than 30 years of handyman services experience. To further display our knowledge, we offer customers a consultation to ensure that we fully understand the needs of their project. 

Contact us today to tell us a little more about your framing project and see how we can help complete it at a reasonable price! 

framing out the basement will increase home value.

framing out the basement will increase home value.