Has your dining room been the same abrasive color since you moved in? Are your stained and scuffed baseboards an eye sore? Did you try painting your bathroom only to find you don’t quite have the touch to paint cleanly around porcelain? Lafayette Handyman Services knows that, for most people, time comes at a premium, and some of the less critical household projects like interior painting get pushed to the backburner. 

Top Quality Handyman also knows that there’s no easier way to give any room a facelift than with a fresh coat of paint. Of course, this only holds true if the painting is done well, but a change in color can make a room feel bigger, brighter, and more inviting to visitors and homeowners of West Lafayette.

Different rooms and different homes require varying levels of detail when painting, and we understand how important it is to perform this sort of job meticulously. 

Some types of painting services we offer are:

  •  Wall Painting
  •  Baseboard
  •  Trim
  •  Interior Door Painting
  •  Bedroom Painting
  •  Kitchen Painting
  •  Bathroom Painting
  •  Touch Ups
  •  Ceiling Painting
  •  And a lot More!

Essentially, any painting job you can think of, we can perform. Top Quality Handyman Services never cuts corners, so you won’t find unwanted paint on your crown molding or imperfect corners once we’re through with a project. In fact, we’re comfortable performing painting work in nearly any room of your home, and we wouldn’t take on a project we weren’t confident we could do well. 

More likely than not, you’re considering hiring a handyman to complete your painting project because you don’t have the time to do it yourself, not because you don’t have the ability. In spite of that, we’ll exert every effort to perform a higher quality of work than you even imagined possible without charging an outrageous price. We’re committed to upholding fairness to customers within our business. 

With over 30 years of experience as a local, affordable handyman services, our goal is always to do the best job possible on the first try. We offer customers a consultation so we don’t run into unforeseen issues or deal with any miscommunication. This way, we can be sure that our painting work will meet your standards and vision. 

If you have some painting work that you just don’t have the time or ability to get around to completing, contact us and we’ll gladly take care of it for you! 

interior painting by your Local Handyman.

interior painting by your Local Handyman.