High quality replacement windows serve a number of functions, both aesthetic and practical, and different window styles function in different ways. Every individual project will require some amount of attention in terms of selecting the right type of window. 

For families, windows bring light and air into the home. They offer the opportunity to drink in the outside world without leaving the comfort of the house. Certain types of windows can also be used as a form of emergency exit, giving parents ease of mind. 

Businesses can use windows to draw in customers, as well as keep employees in high spirits by providing natural light so the work day does not feel as confining. In turn, businesses with better (and more) windows are more likely to attract customers and keep company morale high.

Both homes and businesses in Lafayette can save on energy costs with quality windows as they keep climate-controlled air from escaping. 

Whatever the intended function of a given window project, Lafayette Handyman Services has the expertise to help. Some of the window types with which we’re familiar are: 

● Double-Hung Windows

● Casement Windows

● Awning Windows

● Picture Window

● Transom Window

● Slider Windows

● Stationary Windows

● Bay or Bow Windows

Whether your main concern is bringing more light into your living room, creating a method of escape from your child’s bedroom in the event of a fire, or cutting on your business’ energy costs during especially cold or hot months, we’re here to help. 

If you aren’t exactly sure which type of window will best suit your needs, we have the experience and knowledge to help steer you in the right direction. During our consultation process, we’ll talk with you about what you’re hoping to achieve with your window update so we can decide together what window style will work best for you. 

The consultation will also allow us to check for any potential issues that could arise during the window project, so you’re not stuck needing further repairs than you bargained for. 

This is all part of the personal, customer-focused handyman services we offer. As a family business, it’s important to us to uphold a high quality of work and customer satisfaction. This is also the reason that we refuse to overcharge for our services. 

If you have a specific window project in mind or could use a little help figuring out your direction, get in touch with us and we’ll help in whatever way necessary! 

Lafayette Handyman that provides complete replacement windows.

Lafayette Handyman that provides complete replacement windows.